Active Difference Health from design to delivery and across the product lifecycle are delighted to introduce our range of premium air purifiers that provide air filtration. Our innovative antimicrobial welcome bags that transform your offering from standard bags and lifts the image of your business. Our products include Dispenser Stands, Hand Sanitizer and one time use Isolation gowns, all to benefit human health.


Biolayer+ is one of the world’s most advanced packaging protection technologies. Biolayer+’s antibacterial capability is based on silver-ion technology which works distinct ways to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes on any treated item, reducing the risk of virus and illness. Scientifically proven and certified, Biolayer+ protects the product for it full lifecycle and is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9%.


From Café’s to Mobile Catering, Takeaways to Events, “Cups ‘n’ Stuff” are delighted to introduce our range of original designs, colourful co-ordinating takeaway packaging. Our products include original design art, exclusive prints and customer favourites all to transform your standard packaging from bland cups to décor that lifts the image of your business. We have everything you need to add colour and elegance to your packaging No Matter your business type


Evi Pac TM products are designed with Tamper Tabs; a tamper evident locking system to increase safety for food products when delivered If the Tamper Tab is broken, check carefully before consuming the contents. Evi PacTM products also contain a very special antimicrobial surface that pro-actively prevents/disrupts the growth of most types of types of Harmful Bacteria; Protecting Clients, Drivers and Customers.


Kraft PAC is a range of high quality food packaging, made with Kraft materials and designed to provide strength and performance. Choose from sandwich wedges, bloomer packs, wrap packs, catering boxes, salad and lunch boxes and Ripple Wall cups. Our new shaped Ripple Wall cups offer excellent insulation and comfort in hand, while displaying excellent strength and sturdiness.

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The FOCAS Research Institute is a one-stop, open access facility for microscopic and spectroscopic characterisation of materials and processes providing state of the art core laboratory support for a range of research groups and activities. The facility addresses the common needs of research activities in Science and Engineering, and is founded on established expertise within the University and aims to consolidate and develop this expertise, while nurturing developing research activities within TU Dublin.

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a sustainable container for a sealed paper cup for fast food home delivery to replace PET bottles. SIS-PAK is the only option when it comes to safe, secure and sustainable drinks delivery.

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We offer a wide selection of ice-cream tubs with personalized printing available. All of our products are made from food grade certified materials and printed using food contact safe inks. The tubs include distinctive tear away outer cases for effective store presentation.


This is now our new view on packaging, no longer a commodity, not just a cost to a business but a tool, a tool to engage and reward customers for their business and give them unique experiences and lots of interesting things to tell their friends about. Packaging will never be the same again!