Why Choose Us?


"To be recognised by our customers as being excellent partners; delivering first-rate products and outstanding service at a competitive cost, through working smarter, simpler and together."



Unparalleled Experience & Expertise

Over the last decade our experience and professionalism from working on a global scale with clients of all sizes from international distributors to local whole sellers has left us with unmatched experience in dealing with every situation.

We also offer customer assistance at every step to ensure your experience and purchases with us add value to your business.


Product Quality and Expertise

  • Reliable Consistent Supply
  • Quality Control
  • Dedicated Quality Controllers
  • Live product testing reports
  • Correct Product Tests & Certification


Product Sales & Marketing Programmes

We offer products with in case marketing material for every kind of purchase, this is done to empower our clients and to allow them to focus on selling. We create marketing campaigns for all our product ranges in order to help you sell.


Personalisation Capabilities and Wide Range of Products

  • Create your own personalised design for your product ranges, we have dedicated teams that will help you design your desired print.
  • Choose from our high quality and visually appealing product ranges that are constantly evolving in order to offer something fresh and new continuously.


Mixed Container Loads

  • Better Stock Control
  • Higher frequency of orders from mixed orders
  • High frequency of orders
  • Helps add new product line easily
  • Give better offers to clients.


Global Supply, Point-to-Point Delivery

  • Customer Planning and Management
  • Customs Export/Import Assistance
  • ATOMS (Active Orders Tracking System).



All our products are compliant with the following regulations:

  • Certified Inks & Materials - SGS Tested to EU Standard for "Food Contact Safe"
  • Compliant With all current EU Timber Regulations
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