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Coffee Disposable Products, Disposable Coffee Class, Disposable Cold Drink Paper Cups, Disposable Hot Drink Paper Cups, Ireland



Core Services:

Design, Development and Manufacturing

Bespoke Project Creation & Fulfilment:
We create individual and unique projects upon request, such as matching product ranges and packages e.g. Individualised packaging to suit individual product ranges. Client Marketing Systems – Whereby we provide our clients with campaigns which include in case marketing materials with every request. Our marketing materials are created in order to further empower our clients.


Operations/Logistics Systems

Atoms is our Active Tracking Order Management System, this is our custom-built, online information management system. ATOMS provides our customers with the most up-to-date, live information regarding their orders, schedules, shipping details and order loading reports giving our customers a new kind of confidence and competitive edge.


Client Marketing and Sales Systems

Prize Cup is a Marketing & Sales system that utilises QR codes to give operators vital insights into their vending sales. Operators are provided with Campaign QR codes printed onto their paper vending cups.

When scanned with a smart phone the QR code brings the customer to the relevant campaign landing page. Customers have the “Chance to Win a Prize” while the clients are provided with some very useful information about their customers.


Product Labelling & Protocal Systems

EnviroTrail is a custom created labelling system available for products claiming to be environmental and eco-friendly. EnviroTrail uses our ICON mark system to help facilitate clear useful information to users and customers. This allows them to make comparative decisions when choosing the correct products to use.